Andrius Makarevičius. Stories of the Station District or Mandela Effect

Exhibition Time: 02 04 2021–24 04 2021
Meno Parkas Gallery (Dorotheenstr. 22, 40235 Dusseldorf, Germany)

Stories of the Station District or Mandela Effect*

An exhibition „Stories of the Station District or Mandela Effect“ by the young generation Lithuanian painter Andrius Makarevičius, will be on view at Meno Parkas Galery in Dusseldorf (Dorotheenstr. 22) at April 2–24.

“They say – Station District is reviving! Bars and cafes, galleries and bakeries are flourishing. I am also here! It is about ten years now since my route started running between Hale Market, V. Šopenas st., St. Steponas st. Aguonų st. My living space is my creative studio too; all my personages are born here – incarnations of those whom I meet on my way in Station district. Their peculiar and exceptional clothing catches my eye and fantasy.

When the opportunity occurred I started working on large scale canvases, I had a chance to look at the same objects and personages in a different way – from above. Here the city doves from the windowsill starts gazing you in the eyes. Those winged creatures are inseparable from Station district ecosystem. Just like the guys with the training pants hanging out nearby. This vulnerable part of the socium metamorphoses to characters of fairytales: shoehorn cat makes himself comfortable near local beauties, Bluebeard melts himself in painting stroke background. Because of multiple elements, combinations of characters and colours, it all seems like never ending festival – ironic and real festival of life.

In the painting strokes I left plenty moments of self-analysis, but payed more attention to my surroundings, place where I live, city details, which I seldom pass, I collect them all and leave on the canvas in fragments and inscriptions.

Proportions varies, colours do not match with the reality, dreams are turning to life, things become impenetrable – with the new interpretations arising, new story is born, with different things, or is it only the effect of Mandela?“

- Andrius Makarevičius 

*False memories can sometimes be shared by multiple people.


Organizer: Meno Parkas Gallery
Partner: “Gleixnerart“ 

* Due to the increasing infections of COVID-19 and current regulations Meno Parkas gallery is closed for visitors until further notice. It will be possible to view exhibition online on gallery's social media. 

Exhibition is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists’ Association. 

IMAGE: © Andrius Makarevičius. "The Future and the Past in the Theater of the District". Oil on canvas. 100 x 140 cm. 2018