Saulius Paliukas. LAND(E)SCAPE

Exhibition Time: 18 08 2021–29 08 2021
Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)

„Today, during the pandemics landscape becomes an imaginable and desirable „escape“. Gaze in to the distance, towards the horizon, expresses the basic human need to move forward, escape the situation one is in, travel where one has never been. What is an escape? Moving from the landscape details toward its structure, towards the essence of the motif. From the personal point of view – reaching for the maximal abstraction, crystallization of the scene. Preserving only the symbolic structure – the sky – horizon – land. Seeking for the nuances in this minimalistic structure. Maximal abstract of the motif while painting cuts it with the blade of transcendence, leaving only areas of color, kind of „flags of color“. Escape from here, where one is stuck, into the space of an abstract areas of lines and its effect on the spectator. One more angle of an escape – creative process in itself. It is a runaway from daily routine, repeated household tasks. It is the moving towards undefined horizon of self-expression“.  

- Saulius Paliukas


Exhibition is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists' Association.