Songnyeo Lyoo, Jeonghan Yun. MORPHOSIS

Exhibition Time: 12 03 2021–27 03 2021
Meno Parkas Gallery (Dorotheenstr. 22, 40235 Dusseldorf, Germany)

An exhibition “Morphosis” by Songnyeo Lyoo & Jeonghan Yun will open at the Meno Parkas Gallery (Dorotheenstr. 22) on Friday, the 12th of March, without an opening reception event.

Songnyeo Lyoo & Jeonghan Yun are Korean contemporary artists in presented exhibition researching a concept that refers to the way an individual's space-time, how it changes and progresses.

Both artists have a common theme, space-time, which is shown in their individual artistic way. At the same time their different way of interpreting space-time show various spectrums in their work.

Lyoo is interested in an intangible space that cannot be reached, but is incessantly sought after. This space changes and develops according to an individual's imagination. Furthermore she uses magnificent colors and various textures to create surrealistic depictions of various imaginary spaces. The geometric shapes show the relationship of change and development in between the various spaces. It shows a new and different perspective of the real world and the imaginary world in her work. Depending on the direction of the light or its reflection the image of the plexiglass creates a „Morphosis“ while the visitor experiences an endless space of imagination in front of the plexiglass work.

The main subject of Yun's work are light and space-time. By visualizing time and space in a continuously changing and newly undefined form through an experimental act, he makes time and space seem imaginary to the visitor.

The Menge III series is based on the artist's personal experience and experimentation, showing the organic and infinitely changing and evolving form of space according to the light and direction within a massive and formulaic straight rectangular space.

Space-time constantly creates a “Morphosis” according to personal experience and imagination.


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Organizer: Meno Parkas Gallery
Partner: „Gleixnerart“

The gallery will be open by appointment only, please schedule your visit in advance via phone +49 172 706 1247.