VOLTA Basel. 2021

On 20–26 of September (2021) Meno Parkas Gallery will participate at the International contemporary art fair VOLTA Basel in Switzerland. At this prestigiuos fair gallery presents three young and mid-career Lithuanian artists, painters – Milda Gailiūtė, Sonata Riepšaitė and sculptor, installation artist – Žilvinas Landzbergas.

Meno Parkas Gallery Booth No - D10


Gallery's exposition build from a soft, almost monochromatic tones; a subtle surfaces and textures – viewer can enjoy matte surfaces of minimalistic landscapes, which becomes lustrous due to the inner qualities of painting, complemented with contrasting drawings on a mirror – sharp and silver. They all absorbs spectator‘s gaze and takes through the secret path of one‘s imagination.

Gailiūtė‘s effortless oil paintings, resembles the first moments after waking up or that brief minute after the rain has washed up, when the world is still fresh and new, when attention still haven’t come into focus, all details are not present yet and the future is yet to come.

Riepšaitė’s minimalistic landscapes – a bit distant and serene, with the traces of human existence. She says: “A landscape holds a special feeling in itself. It holds memories of different spaces and time that feels almost motionless. While painting imagination merges present moment with feelings into a landscape. A landscape becomes not just physical but embodies my memories, experience and identity“.

Žilvinas Landzbergas artworks reminds interior elements, things you can seemingly recognize, but cannot name – objects from your subconscious mind, childhood, maybe – fairytale. Enchanting drawings on mirrors made for Volta Basel – absorbs all the light, dark and images from surrounding, at the same time are intangible and changes each second, depending on spectator’s motion.