OPEN CALL for artists / curators to apply for exhibitions / projects in 2025

Gallery invites artists/curators to submit applications for exhibitions and other projects in Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės sq. 27, Kaunas) in 2025.

Please fill in an online application form to apply:  APPLICATION FORM

Application Deadline - 28th of June, 2024


Ground Floor exhibition space plan

First Floor exhibition space plan

Second Floor exhibition space plan


Public enterprise Meno Parkas Gallery is a non-profit institution that was established in 1997 by the Lithuanian Artists' Association.

Our mission is to establish active and productive cooperation between local and international artists, art organizations, and cultural institutions, among consumers of culture and art, and to be active in the field of global art discourses.

Acting as a contemporary art gallery Meno Parkas seeks to ensure contemporary art projects in Lithuania and abroad, public educational programs, and to involve artists through their work in relevant social projects.

The gallery achieves its goals through these programs: exhibitions program, education and public program, and artist support program.

The exhibition program is allocated to the dissemination projects of local and international artists and cultural organizations, for the development of international cooperation, the sale of artworks to collectors and museums, and for the art integration into public education processes. Means for the fulfilment of these goals – solo and group exhibitions, participation in contemporary art fairs, organization of symposiums, creative workshops, and implementation of the program for young artists. The main projects are the international cultural exchange project Art Line which focuses on the representation of Lithuanian artists' works abroad and the widespread introduction of foreign contemporary artists in Lithuania; Project The Young. Green Consciousness was exclusively created for young artists, to represent their works; Project Accents is dedicated to the implementation and presentation of new projects by Lithuanian contemporary artists, the continuation of partnerships with foreign artists and institutions, and the introduction of new partners; Contemporary art festival Kaunas in Art launched in 2008 and acknowledged as one of the most important continues art events in Lithuania. Its program consists of projects, reflecting social, political issues, conservation of the natural resources, historical memory, and overall addressing relevant global issues; Contemporary performance art program S MOM an international network created to encourage estranged topics of (non)motherhood to stay connected, to belong, to state artists' tribe through performance art.

The educational and social program is intended to guide the public on issues of contemporary art, involve the public in cultural discussions, the processes of knowledge and perception of art, educate the young generation, and strengthen the connection between the creator and the consumer of art. The main means of achieving these goals are educational activities (excursions, free library of art books, art information center), meetings and discussions with artists, free lectures, creative workshops for children and adults, public involvement in art processes, organizing conferences, meetings, discussions on contemporary art topics.

The artist support program is intended for Lithuanian and foreign artists. Priority is given to young creators and representatives of relevant, social art. The Artist Support Program has the following main objectives: financial support for the creation of works, free publicity of the artist's work on international networks, social networks, provision of free exhibition halls, and publication of catalogues of the artist's work. The Artist Support Program also includes disseminating information to the artist about the opportunity to participate in international projects, residency programs, competitions, etc.

During its 26 years of activity, Meno Parkas Gallery has established relations with artists and art institutions in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, etc.

The participation of representatives of the art field and society in the programs of the Meno Parkas Gallery is free of charge. The programs of the Meno Parkas Gallery are funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, foreign foundations, foreign partner institutions, Kaunas City Municipality, and other private sponsors.


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