art KARLSRUHE. 2020

Gallery Meno Parkas for the third time will come back to the Classic Modern and Contemporary Art Fair „art KARLSRUHE“. At gallery stand (H4-M01) will be shown artworks by Eglė Ulčickaitė, Henrikas Čerapas and creative group „Legal (Art) Lovers“- Greta Grendaitė and Tomas Vosylius.

Event Time: 13–16 02 2020 / Preview on February 12
Venue: Messe Karlsruhe (Messeallee 1, 76287 Rheinstetten, Germany)
Gallery's "Meno parkas" Booth – H4-M01

Eglė Ulčickaitė (b. 1989) – young gallery’s artist, peculiar to investigate time on canvas. Eglė participating in various art residency programmes, number of exhibitions and projects in Lithuania and abroad. According to the artist – in her creative practice, she explores the means of perceiving time and temporality as well as work of memory. Aims at comprehending where the state of experiencing parallel times comes from. Focuses on developing a concept of multiple temporalities, that is to say, perception of the present against the background of the past(s). She pays attention to still-existent material links to the overpassed time, with which she has no physical links. Investigates manifestations of everyday life: things, interiors, spots, and locations – common-places that humans establish, reconstruct, and abandon. In particular, she focuses on that part of the environment that loses its utilitarian purpose. Seeks capturing time in painting through difference in meaning of a thing and its function.

Henrikas Čerapas (b. 1952) prominent Lithuanian painter, in his artworks of last decade distinctly reveals the power of renewal and qualitative maturity of artist’s creative path. A peculiar place of contemporary painting tendencies - transformations of abstract expressionism, conceptual shifts of this kind of expression in the context of Lithuanian painting.

At the fair will be shown artworks from two painting series - Live and most recent one – Aftermath. In the series Live, painter attempt to purify the tools and visual elements of the language of painting without fear of returning to the primordial capture of the impression of nature, of plain motifs, of atmosphere (live, directly, from place). Live evokes a sense of emptiness, as daily touch continues with existential anxiety and wonder. Series Aftermath – a usage of brushstrokes in a large scale canvases, obtaining energy vibrations, structural waves, an expressive gesture by matching the timestamp. The sharpness of the rhythm is levelled here, the visual force itself is sought - the opening of darkness, the shift of density, the junction of masses.

Greta Grendaitė (b. 1980) and Tomas Vosylius (b. 1977) forms the basis of a creatively active group Legal (Art) Lovers, transmitting the particular creative realities from the individual, social life perspectives, memory, artistic approaches based on the personal experiences, context observation through the everyday notes and imagination, (self-)criticism, irony towards the fossilized, institutionalized forms of life that, in one way or another, all of us belong to. In everyday life and art practices, artists continue grasping the links between the garden, the museum, the street, the fairytale’s world and those who claim to be gods.

Graphic artist G. Grendaitė and sculptor T. Vosylius will present works from the ongoing series "Stories & Senses" and “Flora & Fauna”, in which a ravishing stories being revealed in two different means of expression. Where unfolds artists’ interest in socio-cultural references, issues arising from the relations between individual and a surrounding environment.


Gallery's participation at the Classic Modern and Contemporary Art Fair „art KARLSRUHE“ is partly supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.