Art Vilnius'17

Gallery “Meno parkas” presents artworks by 6 artists at 8th  contemporary art fair “ArtVilnius’17“.

„Meno parkas“ (booth No. 5.02) presents artworks by three gallery‘s artists - Patricija Gilytė, Rosanda Sorakaitė and Povilas Ramanauskas – in the main galleries programme. 

Artworks by Rosanda Sorakaitė received well attention from international audience in September (2016) in London‘s “Saatchi Gallery” where was held contemporary art fair “Start”, where Rosanda’s creation was presented in curated solo presentations section. Also, R. Sorakaitė won the “Young Painters Prize” that took place last autumn in Vilnius.

Povilas Ramanauskas – another young active creator, working in the spheres of installation, object, painting and in his works reflecting interesting, catchy thinking. Newest solo show “NATURE‘S FOOL – ARTIST‘S COOL” is presented in “Meno parkas” May 31st-June 30th. Rosanda and Povilas will exhibit new works that are analysing transformations of fireworks what is the symbol of transient festivity.

Video installation “tri-galaxian L4116” by Germany based, but constantly remaining connection with Lithuania, artist Patricija Gilytė will be exposed in the separate part of booth. This trilogy, after premier in Kaunas during the festival “Kaunas in Art” (2014), was presented in fairs in Singapore, London and Berlin, where the first edition (of three) was purchased by collector from Dusseldorf.


“Meno parkas” presents projects by gallery’s artists Marija Griniuk, Robertas Antinis and featured artist Aleksas Andriuškevičius in the annual international exhibition of large-scale sculptures, installations and performances “Path”.

Young gallery’s artist, working in Denmark and Lithuania – Marija Griniuk – will held the performance “Traces/Pėdsakai” (Friday (June 9th) and Saturday (June 10th) 3-4 pm and on Sunday (June 11th) 1-2 pm at hall 3).

"The traces of technology are invisibly changing the human consciousness, and our approach to fiction and reality; the body is the producer of intelligence; the body can be biological or mechanical. Immateriality is connected to materiality, materiality has double meaning and is real in both dimensions - the material and the immaterial", says Marija Griniuk

M. Griniuk's performance is a remediation of thought through choreography, sound and drawing. The performance will be accomplished via the artist's interaction with robots, which are programmed to react to the artist. The traces of this interaction will be drawing, created collaboratively by biological and mechanical bodies. Choreography is seen as the collaboration of movements. Drawing - traces of choreography.

Installation “Dotted Line” by gallery’s artist, National Culture and Art Prize winner, Robertas Antinis, made of clay bricks, marked with particular words, is presented for the first time (location at “Path” No. 3.33).

Robertas about installation:

“There are possibilities to choose one way, another way, another way…

But sometimes there might be one and other possibilities. There might be few of them.

What is a dotted line? It is a possibility.

Possibility and plenum always exist in a gap. Same as in the world – viewer with pieces of art often is interactive and that pause is more dedicated to the viewer. But sometimes to artist oneself. And sometimes everything goes so mixed up – the interactive possibility with tangible, and that possibility to become an illusion. The tangible may become an illusion and illusion – almost tangible.

To paraphrase – perceiver itself become a dotted line” – author treats perceiver as dotted line, whom is invited from aside, who stops by, gets involved and perfect thing (such as line) are bored for artist and “get out the exhibition hall”.

Author thinks more about perceiver than about himself – “perceiver sometimes takes thought, whether he is a dotted line or a line”.

Installation “Demarcation Line” by gallery’s featured artist Aleksas Andriuškevičius – is the idea, which has been matured by artist and gallery for years, will has its premiere during “ArtVilnius’17” (location at “Path” No. 3.42).

“Between small and big, between understanding each other and misunderstanding, between land area and concrete” – author refers to the video that is used in the installation. The artist carried the idea around 15 years.

It is not the first collaboration of Aleksas and “Meno parkas”. “Meno parkas” successfully presented artist’s drawings at contemporary art fair “Art16 London” in May of 2016, that were purchased by young collector of the megalopolis.