For the first time gallery Meno Parkas will going to participate at the most important Italy‘s contemporary art fair Artissima (Turin) and will going to present four Lithuanian artists – Agnė Jonkutė, Patricija Gilytė, Jonas Gasiūnas and Žilvinas Landzbergas. This year the fair will take place on October 31 – November 3.

 Meno Parkas exhibiting at Main Section – Booth 7 / Corridor Light Blue
Venue: OVAL – Lingotto Fiere (Via Giacomo Mattè Trucco, 70 – 10126 Turin, Italy)

Don’t stay on the surface – dive in. The very entrance of the booth encourages to step in – an installation by Zilvinas Landzbergas – a portal to another world, reflection of artists’ consciousness. All artists here are connected with nature, being it, watching it, learning from it or taming it. The architecture of a stand is based on a concept and formation of the artworks.

The concept talks about apparently distinct seasonal symbols of Lithuanian landscape, whose different presentation in the works of these artists interprets relationship between nature and artist in their own way. Reveals contemporary standpoint towards environment, tradition, culture or even the ineffable direct influence of nature on the work. Booth constructed in the way that most of the exposition approached by “overcoming” symbols (the works of art), just when “overstepped”, viewer appear in the environment of artists’ works, as well as in their direct knowledge. As if, saying that there is a “big secret” behind the view, or such world that needs to be stepped in.


In the exposition, we are presenting works of known gallery’s artists in Lithuania and internationally:

In his installations Žilvinas Landzbergas (b. 1979) mixes subconscious symbols with artefacts of nature turned into seemingly household objects with human hands imprinted in time. At the art fair will be presented his latest works resently shown in São Paulo Biennial – the large scale installation and luminous object Table from the series “Hidden Sun”, in addition installation from the series „To My Homeless God“. All together artworks reveals artist’s unique approach towards culture and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Painting by Jonas Gasiūnas (b. 1955) “Looking for a Center Point” (2019, 200 x 295) takes the central spot on the back wall, next to it - “I Was Drawing the Forest with the Candle Flame. The Rain Started” (2018, 180x260). Jonas Gasiunas large scale paintings is an allegory to the human feelings. Drawing on a painted surface made with the smoke from a candle, bilds only an illusion of a nature, just like smoke. Ironic name of the painting confirms this guess.

Patricija Gilytė (b.1972) with the video art and objects represents viewpoint of contemporary city dweller, sometimes closer to digital cloud rather than real still longing for the smell of the real forest. In Artissima will be presented two video installations and the objects named „Twin“, from a different cultural references they creates entirety, symbolically unveil deep attachment to Lithuania, and individual’s connection to surroundings in general.

The fourth artist presented: Agnė Jonkutė (b. 1974) in her silent and meditative works artist is bearing exceptional sensitivity to the things and places around her, usualy she researching relations between human and nature. Stands out with exceptional artistic thinking, which reflected with frugal ways of expression. At Artissima presented painting “Soil“ and experimental technique photogram “Silver Nida Snow” – strongly reflects artist‘s point of view.


Gallery‘s participation at „Artissima 2019“ is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.