On November 4–7, Meno Parkas gallery will going to participate at the most important Italy‘s contemporary art fair Artissima (Turin) and will going to present works by four Lithuanian artists – Agnė Jonkutė, Patricija Gilytė, Žilvinas Landzbergas and Eglė Ulčickaitė.

You will find Meno Parkas Gallery on Main Section | Hall Black - Stand no: 12 | Hall Yellow - Stand no: 11
Venue: OVAL – Lingotto Fiere (Via Giacomo Mattè Trucco, 70 – 10126 Turin, Italy)


“Isn’t the most banal images ones that raise the biggest suspicions? Unreliable and dangerous at the same time, because of their invisibility and capacity to slip through one‘s eyes, although remaining always around us, closer than others. Images, that keeps returning in dreams, about which we say – “I just was in the place I have never been before”. - this quote from painter‘s Eglė Ulčickaitė text became a pivotal starting point to Meno Parkas Gallery exposition. We were thinking of the world that has shrunk to a room perimeter and days that became paper like - transparent, fragile, slowly fading. This pandemic fatigue calls us to reach for nature as a cure, to long for adventure and carelessness. Slowness of time becomes a thread of Ariadne that lets small things and details unwrap into stories.

Patricija Gilytė‘s ironic video performance “Sub Zero Yogasan” (2011) offering easy, new age faith and ritual based cure from all diseases and problems. Just breathe... it will all work out... Another video “Danube Forest Raft” (2019) - fir trees as passengers - metaphor of humans or tamed nature taking its route down Danube, accompanied by the digital eye in the sky.

Exposition space is organized with semi-transparent installation of Žilvinas Landzbergas – creating feeling of home, interior. This detail from installation “Sun Conservatory” is described by an artist as a “poetical gesture made as a drawing in the space”. Translucent surfaces of an architectural elements are containing the same amount of material left as cut out gap, it is something in between a wall and free space. Rational structure – ordinary shelf or table - sprouts with nature forms – like turning back to what it once used to be – a living form. It shows the paths of wandering mind, when it is set free to follow subconscious signs and symbols – forward but also back to depth.

Agnė Jonkutė’s paintings – minimalistic, meditative, seemingly empty, but still possessing the feeling of presence, like if someone just dwelled there, just an eye blink ago. Landscape is not just a physical place (although artist says, that the faraway horizon and the light of her mother country are the reason she could never emigrate), but here it is rather a tool to explore history and travel in time – to share the family memories – about exile of her grandparents, their stories what they lived through, about misery and beauty of their stolen youth. Jonkutė tries to depict what their eyes had seen and hearts felt. Horizon is limit of reality – it is as far as dreams reaches and defines who and where the person is.

Eglė Ulčickaitė in her paintings explores the means of perceiving time and temporality as well as work of memory. Aims at comprehending where the state of experiencing parallel times comes from. Focuses on developing a concept of multiple temporalities, that is to say, perception of the present against the background of the past(s). She pays attention to still-existent material links to the overpassed time, with which she has no physical links. Investigates manifestations of everyday life: things, interiors, spots, and locations – common-places that humans establish, reconstruct, and abandon. In particular, she focuses on that part of the environment that loses its utilitarian purpose. Seeks capturing time in painting through difference in meaning of a thing and its function.


Gallery's Meno Parkas participation at the Artissima Fair is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.