At the 10th anniversary edition of art fair ArtVilnius’19 Meno Parkas Gallery will be presenting artworks by Elena Balsiukaitė-Brazdžiūnienė, Milda Gailiūtė, Greta Grendaitė, Židrija Janušaitė, Eimutis Markūnas and Julija Pociūtė. Selected artworks are moderate size – a kind that is easy to cover with eyes and financial capabilities, a kind that no home is too small. Carefully selected, even being different in their expression, technique and mood, artworks will complement one another and create a cozy exposition space. We believe they will catch sliding gaze of spectator, encourage to dream. We will remind viewers, that once owned, artwork shall never grow old – only more beautiful, since stories encoded by author will be enriched with the memories, links and experiences of those who sees it every day. Eventually it will become a member of a family.

 At Meno Parkas Gallery booth will be presented one of the most vivid Lithuanian painters Elena Balsiukaitė–Brazdžiūnienė with a small size painting collection, this year already exhibited in Meno Parkas Gallery in Dusseldorf. It will provoke spectator‘s smile. In bright expressive paintings signs of present time are easy to recognize. Author‘s attitude towards prosiness is saturated with (self)irony, she mixes trivial pop-tv-street symbols with classical culture. Gently painted landscapes by Milda Gailiūtė depicts the world at its dawn, like it is just awake and still perfect with details out of focus. Greta Grendaitė in her series “About Love” on opposite – is witty in the details. Graphic drawing combined with collage and paradoxical text incorporated – all that creates ironic tension in her artworks. Meditative painting by Židrija Janušaitė came all the way from Nida seaside, perhaps that’s why it is so soothing. Eimutis Markūnas firstly is known for his large scale breath-taking paintings, but along them dwells vivid small abstract paintings – according to author – reveling subconscious of human being or alternative realities and worldviews. Objects by Julija Pociūtė are created bravely and paradoxically using various materials and dedicated to research of memory, mindset and comprehension.  

Meno Parkas gallery participated in ArtVilnius’18 with playful performance – constantly changing booth exposition, during art fair time all gallery‘s artists were presented there. This year we are determined to keep on researching “art fair” phenomena. Believing, that the most important element in it is communication, we will not only show ourselves but involve audience to say their voice – we will encourage spectators to vote for their favorite piece in our booth, also will ask, how they see us, what they feel about what they see, what they want us to be. Meno Parkas Gallery will show their gratitude for participation in survey for several participants at the end of the event with special presents!


In the annual international exhibition of large-scale sculptures, installations and performances “The Path”, Meno Parkas presenting project " Flags" by gallery’s artist Povilas Ramanauskas.

"Flags" – installation that reflects today's contexts in which cultural and political processes are chaotically intertwined.The search of identity, an aim to name or stabilize it becomes utopian. A flag that is perceived as a symbol of the sustainability of self-consciousness, in this installation it's acquiring a new forms, intertwine, dissolves, fades, "drip".

Gallery's Booth No – 3.13 (Hall 3)
Location of the installation "Flags" – 5.09 (Hall 5)

Event Time: 30 May – 2 June, 2019​
Venue: Exhibition and Congress Centre Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania​.



"Meno parkas" participation at the fair is part of the project "2019. Accents" and partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.