On October 7-9, Meno Parkas Gallery will participate at the art fair "ArtVilnius`22" and present works by Patricija Gilytė. The exhibition is summarised under the title You Are Here – the author talks about the migration of plants, concepts, and phenomena, initiated by geographical and internal changes.

Gallery’s booth no: 3.45
Venue: LITEXPO (Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius 04215)
Event time: October 7–9, 2022


In her series You Are Here, Gilytė draws maps in ink that evoke the feeling of infinite areas without clear boundaries, just as the wind, the weather, or nature do not respect the borders of countries, neither do the drawings. These endless, green layers of woods hypnotise, thus the viewer is given the task to find the golden thorn, concentrate, and return to the current place. This series is created by combining different materials (ink, paint, paper, needles) and observing their interaction over time.
At the stand of Meno Parkas gallery, you will also see an installation and a video Nordstrom created especially for the fair. It is the battlefield of the Battle of Žalgiris, transformed into an iceberg made of spruce needles, migrating to the Mediterranean Sea. These works are inspired by another work recently presented in Lithuania – The Battlefield of Žalgiris: “For me, it is important to link historical knowledge to the present and rethink geographical location in a digital rather than analogue format. Historians are studying and cartographers are documenting the course and significance of the battle that took place more than 600 years ago. I am interested not in the scheme of the battle, but in the geography of the surface, the current location of the Battle of Žalgiris, and its digital representation.” – P. Gilytė.

Patricija Gilytė is an artist living and working in Germany, who moved to Munich in 1997 to study sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts. Now she works in the field of interdisciplinary art. Gilytė’s works have been acquired by the MO Museum, the BMW Group, the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung (Bavarian Art Foundation), Neuburg an der Donau, Ulm art foundation Pro Arte, the Stadtmuseum Schramberg, and private collectors.