Brigitte March International Contemporary Art. Conceptual Reflections & Site Specific Works

Exhibition time: 16 09 2022–16 10 2022
Meno Parkas (Rotušės sq. 27, LT-44279, Kaunas, Lithuania)

Meno Parkas Gallery together with Brigitte March International Contemporary Art Stuttgart are presenting exhibition: CONCEPTUAL REFLECTIONS & SITE SPECIFIC WORKS.

Curators: Brigitte March and Danielle March

Artists: Myra Brooklyn, Ugo Dossi, Jean Le Gac, Morgan O'Hara, Antoni Muntadas, Patrick Raynaud, Daniel Schörnig, Timm Ulrichs, Lawrence Weine

CONCEPTUAL REFLECTIONS — SITE SPECIFIC WORKS proposes sculptures, installations, a video installation, language based works chosen by the curators Brigitte and Danielle March for the needs of the generous Meno Parkas spaces and focusing specifically on key works by pioneering artists in terms of innovative approaches and the art-making process, conceptual and postmodern attitudes.

Brigitte March International Contemporary Art Stuttgart started in 1976. Personalities like Attila Kovacs, Ugo Dossi, Richard Jackson, Vincenzo Agnetti and Lawrence Weiner as well as Yutaka Matsuzawa, Patrick Raynaud and their works opened to the gallery team new approaches to art and the showing of art as well as the avant-garde-researches in “The Expanded Field of Art” (Rosalind Krauss) and the making of art in the 60's and70's, especially in the USA.

Basically the historical and actual approach to conceptual art, minimal tendencies as well as postmodern expressions is the experiment to describe our efforts and activities of the last 45 years. 

Partner: Brigitte March I C A |
The exhibition is a part of "Kaunas – European Capital for Culture 2022" program.

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