Dainius Trumpis. 2 / 1

Exhibition Time: 03 04 2024–28 04 2024
Opening: April 3  |  18:00
Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės sq. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)

The exhibition consists of two parts. It features two collections that are both different and complementary. The second-floor hall contains assemblages created in 2022 and 2023 under the working title of Household, while the third-floor hall contains the most recent works from 2024. 

The starting point of the Household collection is the grey color of the galvanized metal, a sort of zero point. Stagnation. A pause before the action. Halfway between something immeasurably large and something intangibly small.

Works of art inspired by everyday life and simplicity. In this case, the domestic is transcendentally exalted as an inspirer, a suffragette, and a poseur. It reveals itself in all its mystical realness, through materiality, smell, reflections, and sounds. And most importantly, it happens continuously, one only must see, listen, smell and not always be aware of it. It is enough to be and to experience.  

The smell, sound, color, and reflectivity of metal remind me, in fragments, of the work and days spent in a metalworking factory, processing metal in various ways - milling, turning, grinding. The matiness or glossiness of the material evoked various associations and captured the imagination, transforming the banal work of a machinist into a different kind of domestic life, filled with strange images and visions. This is how the Household is transformed into Being. Even the uncomfortable situations that made one feel like a tiny creature standing and working at a gigantic metalworking machine, with only the sound of a loud and fast turning clamp, expanded the boundaries of the imagination and revealed a magically real world. You just wanted to stop, watch and be there.

All this has not gone away, has remained imprinted in my consciousness and still appears in different shapes and forms in the vibrating, mysterious and inspiring Being in household - Being in. These manifestations are attempts not to remove oneself from the everyday, but to be present in it with one's whole being.  

On the third floor is an experimental collection that differs in aesthetics from the works on the second floor, but the overall mood remains. It is all created by the same person, but with different life experiences. 

As a visual artist with a close relationship to rough matter, I don't just aim to conceptualize what I create and what I create from. I am very much concerned with materials, their emergence, continuity, change, decay, and transformation into other forms and, in some cases, even their physical/corporal death. Just as our memories distort, change, and die, so do materials undergo similar processes. This is particularly evident in the transformation, change and even material decay of form. There is a pleasant euphoria in seeing a perfectly cast metal or a plastic blank with a perfect geometric shape, in realizing how much potential there is in these materials, and in studying them closely, observing what they turn into and what is left. You want to touch the anatomy of things/materials. Seeing melting paraffin or solid metal turning into a rusty liquid and thus approaching extinction, stagnation, or a pause, and in some cases even physical death itself, one starts to believe that "Death will conquer even death".

The exhibition is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists' Association.