Eimutis Markūnas. One Thousand Silver Pieces

Exhibition time: 07 07 2022 - 07 08 2022
Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)

2022 is the year of the 25th anniversary for Meno Parkas Gallery. To commemorate this event, the Gallery presents the project "Meno Parkui–25". Exhibition by Eimutis Markūnas "One Thousand Silver Pieces" is a part of this project. Installation is presented on the 2nd gallery foor. Artist interprets themes old as humanity itself - honesty, thrust, commonness of being. According to the artist: "<...> I am going deep into the Biblical narrative of thirty pieces of silver.. when one is blinded by their shining - opens an abyss of greed and degradation of moral, loss of conscience and and communication breaks off the leash <...>".

E. Markūnas is one of the Break Generation, he cares for much more than just form of an artwork, but also his conception, textuality, dialogue with the spectator, close relationship with the surroundings, body and the material. Courage to open up, to take a risk manifests in his creativity and life. Eimutis Markūnas stands out of his generation of artists by exploring urgent topics in unconventional forms. He makes solo shows, participates in group exhibitions, takes part in plainairs and artists' movements. Since 1990 he has been a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association. His creative heritage varies from still-glass artworks, painting, objects but also includes performances. Eimutis Markūnas works have been exhibited in many European Countries, he was nominated and received several nominations for his creative achievements. While taking part in international events - biennials, symposiums he is not only promoting himself but also Lithuania.

The Exhibition is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.