Neringa Poškutė Jukumienė. WTF

Exhibition Time: 01 07 2021–25 07 2021
Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)

In the play “Faust” by the Czech director Jan Klata, the actress who plays Mephistopheles says “WTF?” and in this modern production it replaces the classic phrase by J. W. Goethe which goes like this: “When I say to the Moment flying; / 'Linger a while -- thou art so fair!” How often do you have to think or even say out loud: “WTF! ..”? When was the last time you did this and why? Does contemporary art raise such a question for you, or does it just help to unmask WTF moments in public life?

Boundary signs, boundary markers and symbols are universally agreed markings, as are many other things that are only a matter of public agreement and that we take for granted. Emotions, which arise when they change, directly lead to the meaning of the title of the exhibition. The Cambridge online dictionary explains the letter phrase WTF as used when we are surprised, annoyed, or not particularly interested in something. In the presented exhibition, all the direct circumstances for identifying those feelings are formed. The decipherment of WTF is left to the viewer, as the first impression is often formed by the first visual and verbal experience or the sound.

In recent years, I have through my artistic work explored the limits of jewelry as a medium. I seek to extend the term jewelry by visual means. The personal relationship with jewelry as a medium in the exhibition is not inherently predictable. It hides, disguises, or requires deeper thought.

Part of the research presented in the exhibition is socio-cultural BORDERS, the meaning and signs of life in society. The shape of the module chosen for the visual graphics of the exhibited objects is a rhombus. It is a universal geometric shape that holds a lot of meaning. Using the specifics of the geometric definition, I do not limit myself and consider it as a module of social communication, which is not an official emoticon in the meaningful interpretation, but is used as a symbol of unicode (a standard that defines the encoding of alphabets and additional characters in almost all languages on computers). Jewelry semantically acquires a bodily existence and with the help of a symbol is a direct reference to the amount of gems in the exhibition. The concept of cost is understood in this way – in terms of exposure and operational maximum.

In the case of Kaunas, a rhombus is also a very important sign. I analyze the concepts of borderline meaning, I rely on the experience of personal being in Klaipeda or another city. Is being the city person is meaningless and yet still meaningful? The most important unit / participant is each of us.

- Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė


The exhibition presents:

Installations: “Regalia. Invitation: Be Mayor” and “Bang”
Art objects “Brilliant Green” and “Shallow”
Video installation “Let's go for a walk?!”


Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė (b. 1981) - artist, curator, lecturer, since 2017 a Chairwoman of the Klaipėda Department of the Lithuanian Artists' Association. She currently lives and works in Klaipeda. Since 2003, with artists from other fields, actively participates in group exhibitions, international symposia, art projects in Lithuania and abroad. N. Poškutė-Jukumienė's creative field includes contemporary jewelry, enamel and metal art, small plastic, form, installations, etc.


Exhibition is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and VAA Art and Science Project Fund.

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