POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. 2019

Meno Parkas Gallery for the fifth year participating at contemporary and modern art fair POSITIONS Berlin which is part of the Berlin Art Week. And this year gallery presenting artworks by four artists: Eimutis Markūnas, Ignas Gleixner, Sonata Riepšaitė and Remigijus Treigys. Each of these artists have their own unique way to capture and perceive the surroundings they occur in and correlate with a viewer through their creative language. 

12-15 September 2019
Berlin-Tempelhof Airport - Hangar 4 (Columbiadamm 10, 10965 Berlin)
Gallery's Meno Parkas Booth No B05


Presented artists:

Eimutis Markūnas is one of the gallery‘s artists whose creative work is concentrated not only on objecthood, but on content, textuality and communication to the spectator and close relations with body, material and the environment. Mostly artist analyses existentialist themes via his creations. In recent years, he is focused on capturing – expressing – analyzing metaphysics of a city, conveying an intangible atmosphere within the certain color code.
In 1983 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Monumental Art Department, Stained Glass Studies. Actively worked in this field many years, although never defined his creative work just with it. His also works in a field of photography, installation, object, video and visual arts. The artist has presented dozens of solo exhibitions and projects in Lithuania and abroad.

Sonata Riepšaitė – young painter recently received her Bachelor‘s degree in Painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Though she just started her creative path, already have a distinct technique, which unravels in her works. In her series „Distant Proximity“ she spoke about solitude, alienation, overwhelming senses, which occurs from being far from home and loved ones. Silence anticipation are heavily felt in her paintings. These reflections have not disappeared from her new works, they are visible and unfolds through the depiction of a landscape. As the artist herself says, she creates imaginary landscapes, from the real ones, those that been experienced, heard or read about. These collected pieces, corresponds to memories of real landscapes and visions of non existent ones and help to express her subjective worldview.

Remigijus Treigys is a patient observer of his surroundings, all these captured moments and situations are patiently awaited and bestowed to the viewer. His dreamlike views of the seemingly abandoned cities, fields, landscapes, where silhouettes of animals or people appear like accidental events. They "happen" in the photos stage, as a diary of his personal adventures.
R. Treigys graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Klaipėda Department of Visual Design in 1987. Has been participating in exhibitions since 1987, Held a 45 personal and 67 group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Was granted a scholarship of CEC Arts Link (New York, USA) in 2005. In 2018 was awarded with the name of the Master of Klaipėda Culture. The name is given to Klaipėda city artists or other cultural workers for exceptional merits to urban culture. His works are in collections of MO Museum in Vilnius, Odense Museum of Photographic Art (Denmark), Gallery of Art of the European Parliament (Brussels), PROARTIBUS Centre, Ekenäs (Finland) and others.

Ignas Gleixner received master‘s degree in painting at Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2012. His interests vary from realistically painted dark romantic figurative fantasies, inspired by various art history periods especially secession, still lives and extends to large scale land art projects in wild nature. For this art fair we present his series of artworks that embraces both of his passions – painting and land art. He uses found nature objects – pine needles and pieces of tree bark become nature‘s strokes and stitches creating drawings and structures on the canvas surface.


Gallery's participation in international contemporary art fair "POSITIONS Berlin" is partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.