POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. 2020

Meno Parkas Gallery for the sixth time participating at contemporary and modern art fair POSITIONS Berlin and this year presenting artworks by four Lithuanian artists: Sonata Riepšaitė, Rosanda Sorakaitė, Eglė Ulčickaitė and Remigijus Treigys.

Meno Parkas Gallery Booth No C03
Event Time:  September 10-13, 2020
Venue: Tempelhof Airport, Hangar 3-4 (Columbiadamm 10 10965 Berlin, Germany)


Eglė Ulčickaitė (b. 1989) – lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2014 is a lecturer at VilniusAbout the artists: Academy of Arts. Participating in various art residency programmes, number of exhibitions and projects in Lithuania and abroad. Her works are part of Mo Museum and private collections.

According to the artist – in her creative practice, she explores the means of perceiving time and temporality as well as work of memory. Aims at comprehending where the state of experiencing parallel times comes from. Focuses on developing a concept of multiple temporalities, that is to say, perception of the present against the background of the past(s). She pays attention to still-existent material links to the overpassed time, with which she has no physical links. Investigates manifestations of everyday life: things, interiors, spots, and locations – common-places that humans establish, reconstruct, and abandon. In particular, she focuses on that part of the environment that loses its utilitarian purpose. Seeks capturing time in painting through difference in meaning of a thing and its function.

Sonata Riepšaitė (b. 1993), a young generation Lithuanian painter, currently lives and works in The Hague (Netherlands). In 2018 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty (Painting Department). Member of Lithuanian Artist’s Association since 2020, participates in group exhibitions and art fairs in Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Italy. Though she just started her creative path, but already have a very distinct technique, which unravels in her artworks. Through a monochromatic paintings, mainly created with a charcoal, artist delves into the genre of the landscape, forming imaginary from the real, full of silence and anticipation. The landscape in her works becomes not just physical but embodies her own memories, experience and identity.

Rosanda Sorakaitė (b. 1988) – in her works artist trembles aesthetics of slow life – emphasizing quality versus speed, paying attention to detail, feeling and emotion. By taking simple fragments of daily environment and putting on canvas with all the subtlety, which has powered the inspiration, she manages to create pieces that reflects magical and mysterious aura of everyday life. Her paintings reflects the feeling (or seeing) of the motive, which usually walks with her in her mind for a while, till it breaks on to the canvas and immerses into the time that no longer exist.

R. Sorakaitė has been noticed in the field of painting at her early years of studying, and has spectacularly got into the ranks of the most appreciated young Lithuanian artists: has held ten solo exhibitions, participated in numerous curated exhibitions and art fairs: in 2018 had solo presentation at VOLTA NY, participated at ArtVerona (2017), SCOPE Basel (2016), received well attention from international audience in September of 2016 in London‘s “Saatchi Gallery” at contemporary art fair “Start”, where her works was presented in curated solo presentations section. 2019 participated in residency and held a solo show in Los Angeles in gallery "River". Earned various awards, one of them – Young Painter‘s Prize in 2016 (which includes artist from Baltic States).

Remigijus Treigys – born in Kaunas in 1961, lives and works in Klaipėda (Lithuania). Graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1987. Has been participating in exhibitions since 1987. Received the Young Artists Award of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in 1991, the Robert Bosh Foundation (Berlin, Germany) fellowship in 2004, the scholarship of CEC Arts Link (New York, USA) in 2005. Award of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers in 2006. In 2018 was awarded with the name of the Master of Klaipėda Culture. The name is given to Klaipėda city artists or other cultural workers for exceptional merits to urban culture. His works are in collections of MO Museum in Vilnius, Odense Museum of Photographic Art (Denmark), Gallery of Art of the European Parliament (Brussels), PROARTIBUS Centre, Ekenäs (Finland) and others.

Photographs presented at the art fair – depicted from 2009-2019 period and telling subtle stories of unknown and unnamed places. Analog photography technique allows author to colour them manually adding some soft and gentle sepia or dark brown mood. The exact place and time where and when the photographs are taken is not important. Author allows the viewer to create the ending of the story exploring and browsing through scratchy and noisy surfaces of it. Building his own and unique photography technique artist suggest to discover these artworks more like captured images but to encode it as fragile paintings. The most importantly in his artwork – the mystical act of meditation – intuition, filigree, sensually captured images, not the external form of objects, but their inner essence.