POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. 2021

Meno Parkas Gallery already for the seventh time participating at the contemporary art fair - POSITIONS Berlin. This year presenting artworks by five Lithuanian artists: Pranas Griušys, Povilas Ramanauskas, Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, Aušra Vaitkūnienė and Gabrielė Aleksė.

September 09-12, 2021
Venue: Tempelhof Airport (5-6 Hangar, Tempelhofer Damm 45, 12101 Berlin, Germany)
Meno Parkas Gallery Booth No. B03

Gallery Meno Parkas in Berlin will present Lithuanian painter‘s – Pranas Griušys (g. 1955) artworks from the cycle „City in Itself“. A cycle which depicts a paradoxical images of the city that evoke various associations, a metamorphosis of ordinary city symbols, a synthesis of interwar cultural heritage and today’s signs, broadening perceptions and interpretations of the world around us.

Visitors of the POSITIONS art fair will also be able to see paintings on canvas and paper by the well-known Lithuanian painter Aušra Vaitkūnienė (b. 1962). With her works, the artist blurs the line between tangible and intuitively felt things, which are often inspired by unruly (and very mystical) nature. Head of painting department in Lithuanian Academy of Arts, Kaunas faculty, received The Pollock-Krasner Foundation (New York, USA) grant, Lippe Country Grant (Schwalenberg, Germany), multiple Lithuanian State and Kaunas Municipality grants and diplomas. Her works are in collections of National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum, Mo (Modern Art Museum, Vilnius), Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, National Vilnius Art Museum, Lippe Land Government (Detmold, Germany), and private collections.

For the first time, one of the most active performance artist's in Lithuania - Vaida Tamoševičiūtė (b. 1983), will make her debut at the art fair. At the gallery‘s Booth will be presented video and photo documentation of the artist's performances from the period of 2007–2020.  

For some time now, one of the main creative spheres of contemporary artist‘s Vaida Tamoševičiūtė has been a performance art. Symbolic, carefully chosen and planned space of her performances and visuality is probably determined by her background in painting and work experience at the theater. Being and routine are inextricable parts of hers artistic work. Seeking to find her own reality through performance piece is often a centerpiece. Questioning terms of normality, gender roles, individuals' place in society and most recent – maternity. In the work Vaidas’ body is often placed uncomfortable, feeling cold, ashamed or harmed, not really creating something, but emphasizing our common feelings. Simple everyday actions, repetitive gestures, modes of boredom and vacuity turns to personal rituals which helps to find stability in our borderline reality, questioning and doubting.

Povilas Ramanauskas (g. 1987) – a young generation Lithuanian artist, mainly works in a fields of contemporary painting, objects and installations. . Since 2009 actively participates in contemporary art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. In 2017 P. Ramanauskas received an award as a best young artist at the international contemporary art fair „ArtVilnius’17“, also in the Baltic painting competition "Young Painter's Prize" he received a special mention of the jury.

In his works he tries to question the limits of common understanding of contemporary painting through the aspects of new techniques, materials and concepts of contemporary art. For the artist painting is something that does not stand still, and having its own life. While absorbing other media, while mixing with other visual expressions, painting still remains. It is a very large, flexible and wide-ranging medium. Povilas has been looking for different ways, surfaces, and shapes to extend the boundaries of painting as such.

Also, Meno Parkas Gallery is pleased to present the young artist Gabrielė Aleksė (b. 1990), who won a special award for this year's Claus Michaletz Prize for Eastern European Art and the Promotion of Young Artists. At the booth will be shown works from one of the hers latest painting series "Perspective is a Point on the Horizon" and it describes a person's aim to see beyond their immediate world. These paintings depict timeless spaces frozen in a vacuum. The empty landscape of the cityscape becomes a confrontation with infinity and a kind of reference to the inner world of man. If you do not meet yourself, you think you see the world through the window, and in fact the world is a picture on the wall of human consciousness.