POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. 2023

For the tenth edition of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Meno Parkas Gallery introduces a group of four Lithuanian artists: Robertas Antinis, Egle Ulčickaitė, Gabrielė Aleksė, and Neringa Naujokaitė. The gallery booth offers viewers a multifaceted exploration of the artists' works, converging through the search for human experience. 

Event Time: September 14-17, 2023
Venue: Tempelhof Airport (5-6 Hangar, Tempelhofer Damm 45, 12101 Berlin, Germany)
Meno Parkas Gallery's Booth No. C12


Robertas Antinis (b. 1946), a sculptor and member of the "Post Ars" group, engages viewers through interactive sculptures that concentrate on tactile engagement, transcending the traditional boundaries between art and audience. His installation, born out of a larger project for the blind and partially sighted in 2002, underscores his commitment to alternative ways of experiencing art, fostering active participation, creative freedom, and open interpretation.

The artist's constant aspiration to abstract and purify the object is not a running away from problems or a distance from social realities. This rejection of decorations, of insignificant detail, is a tireless sharpening of the core of the object, so that it plunges as deeply as possible into the perceiver's space and prevents him from peacefully mingling in the same place.

Eglė Ulčickaitė (b. 1989), a painter, delves into the complexity of memory, time, and cultural identity. Her work invites contemplation of the past's influence on the present, capturing the essence of nostalgia and the tension between contemporary reality and the remnants of a bygone era. Through her thought-provoking paintings, Ulčickaitė prompts viewers to consider the impact of history on their own lives.

She pays attention to still-existent material links to the overpassed time, with which she has no physical links. Investigates manifestations of everyday life: things, interiors, spots, and locations – common-places that humans establish, reconstruct, and abandon.

Gabrielė Aleksė's (b. 1990) artistic vision invites viewers to peer beyond the immediate, to introspect and confront both the vast emptiness of urban landscapes and the profound depths of the inner self. Her paintings have this comfort and serenity that a lot of us are seeking, offering frozen moments in timeless spaces, transcending the physical to mirror the intricacies of human emotion and introspection. In the wake of societal isolation, her art becomes a vehicle for self-discovery and inner peace.

Neringa Naujokaitė (b. 1966), a multimedia artist, harnesses the power of media to engage with critical social issues. Her works encompass a range of mediums, from video installations to photography, revealing her innate fascination with societal phenomena. Her piece "Golzheim" captures the intersection of diverse social spheres in a single neighborhood, illustrating the complexity of human coexistence and underscoring her commitment to addressing challenging subjects through her art.


Gallery's participation at POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.