Rimas Čiurlionis, Katryna Čiurlionis. EQUILIBRIUM

Exhibition time: 12 09 2023–10 08 2023
Opening: September 12 | 18:00
Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės a. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)

“Probably every morning I look in the mirror, while washing up or getting dressed, I see myself. This reminds me that I belong to this world. I see my exterior — with desires and inertia, disappointments and determinations, with emerging questions of meaning.

And I swallow that with a sip of my morning coffee, preparing, with a certain apprehension, for work in the studio, where I often face the unknown, starting a new piece.

It is as if I again have to cut out a fragment of the passing time and in it, in my thoughts, impulsively arrange forms, transferring them to paper, adjusting their composition with my mind and listening with my feeling when the forms, lines, chosen colors will speak to me, asking not to be associative, to remain abstract, and so become a symbol or a threshold to myself - where micro and macro converge to one point, or maybe to the question — who am I?

It is an experience that at times takes hold. In it there is neither reproach nor judgement, only a constantly recurring question that penetrates deep inside, encompassing the whole and changing not only me, but also the environment, as if into a different, non-material substance. It pulls the mind, emotions, feelings, in all directions, as if from one kneaded lump, destroys the perception of time and space, distances and dimensions, only leaving the feeling now, like the umbilical cord to this world, the core, with fear and longing that it will disappear, like moths circling the light….. until the next time.

The experience again becomes only knowing and the question "who am I?”— simple, tiresome and mundane, and perhaps useless. But still, that other side of it remains, as a striving or longing, as something precious and fragile, as a mystery or at least a reminder to others and to myself.

The creative process allows, perhaps even requires, to be true to oneself — to learn to.”

- Rimas Čiurlionis


“These works were created from a preoccupation with the  inescapable dependency between the built environment and  human physicality.

The main focus for this exploration is pharmaceuticals -  molecular agents designed to temporarily disrupt our own  molecular functions, inevitably affecting the way we perceive our  surroundings. What are the behaviors/cultures that have been  encoded into our built environments? What is their impact on  our molecular balance? One ubiquitous answer has been to  prescribe molecular interventions designed to induce artificial  systemic compliance.  

“Genetic Resonance” began as an exercise in spatializing gene  expression data - translating a snapshot of data into a cyclical  composition, revealing the subtle elastic nature of molecular  behavior. This study became a prerequisite to “The Medicine  Cabinet”. Through architectural allegory and metaphor, this work  examines the fluid relationship between mental states and  physical space through the conduit of the anti-anxiety drug,  Xanax. Pharmaceuticals are analyzed not as individual objects,  but as a series of spaces that incrementally enter the body. The  drug is not just a pill, it is a long chain of mutations, each  inevitably shaping the next.”

- Katryna Čiurlionis


Exhibition is supported by: SUMUS Rotary, Lithuanian Fund, Atlantic Express Corp.

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