Rimvydas Mulevičius (1957–2023). ALTER EGO

Exhibition Time: 01 03 2024–28 03 2024
Opening: March 1   |   6:30 PM
Meno Parkas Gallery (Rotušės sq. 27, 44279 Kaunas, Lithuania)

The ALTER EGO exhibition pays tribute to Rimvydas Mulevičius (1957 - 2023), a distinguished professor at the Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts and a longstanding leader of the Drawing Studio. Proficient in watercolour, drawing, and graphics, Mulevičius embraced Jose Ortega Y Gasset's maxim, altering it slightly: "An artist who does not know how to draw has no conscience." As a fervent advocate and practitioner of drawing, he significantly influenced the Kaunas Faculty's Drawing Studio, showcasing expertise in anatomy and crafting his unique teaching methodology.

Esteemed by students, Mulevičius was a perpetual artist, sketching at home, work, meetings, and even on napkins in a bar. Constantly refining his technique, he experimented with various drawing tools such as pencils, coloured pencils, ink on Chinese paper, watercolours, and prints. Drawing, for him, was as essential as breathing. In an interview at the Kaunas faculty, he expressed that using a simple graphite pencil was the pinnacle of drawing, stating, "when you just pick it up and draw it."

The ALTER EGO exhibition features Prof. Rimvydas Mulevičius' drawings, watercolours, and graphic works from the past decade.

The project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Lithuanian Artists' Association.