Exhibition time: 21 10 2022–20 11 2022
Meno Parkas (Rotušės sq. 27, LT-44279, Kaunas, Lithuania)

Artists are visionaries and artworks reveal the unseen, of what is beyond reality. In the recent digital age, contemporary artists have almost infinite means to express themselves, their ideas, their sensitivity, their aesthetics. They cast an exciting and interesting eye on what we are used to, our daily routine, and on what we do not see or understand anymore. They show us the world and imagine what it could be in a near future, therefore opening up a box of possibilities, perhaps continuing on Dziga Vertov's track whose Kinoks-Revolution was to create a new world by making us conscious.

The exhibition curator Gabriel Soucheyre / VIDEOFORMES  


Souche / Anne-Sophie Emard
France / multimedia installation (work in progress) / 2015>2022
Souche (Roots) is a video sculpture. It's a semi-pyramidal wooden structure composed of cubic surfaces, on which more than a hundred videos are projected. This gives the illusion of an inseparable whole. Souche is constantly evolving, since at each new presentation of this work, new images created by the artist feed this visual material in a vivid dialogue with the previous ones. Souche is about memory at work and time.

Geomorph Momenta / Golnaz Behrouznia
France - Iran / Audiovisual immersive installation / 2021

Geomorph Momenta is a visual and sound installation that creates an immersive environment echoing the natural cycles of the Earth. Objects with symmetrical conical shapes, made of translucent white fabric, suspended in the exhibition hall create an imaginary horizontal plane giving the illusion of a horizon. Bottom and top parts of the objects show two spaces with different visual events. They evoke the coupling and the link between the bottom and the top, i.e. the underground and the relief, the water and the mountain, the visible and the invisible, or even the biological and the geological. 

Several cycles of videos and sounds are triggered in this living environment, evoking a sensitive dramaturgy of the bio-geo-chemical entities of our Earth and its woven organs.

The rhythm of images and sound echoes both the regulatory capacity of terrestrial "organs", the tendency to balance in nature (homeostasis), as well as the tipping points, the thresholds, beyond which balances are upset in ways that are sometimes irreversible, but which also tip over to other balances.

The exhibition is a part of the Kaunas - Capital for Culture 2022 programme.
Project Partners / Sponsors: Kaunas - Capital for Culture 2022; VIDEOFORMES; Clermont-Ferrand – Massif central 2028​; French Institute in Lithuania; Lithuanian University of Health Sciences; Hostinger.

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