Viennacontemporary 2022

On September 8-11, Meno Parkas Gallery will participate at the art fair "viennacontemporary 2022" and present works by Aušra Andziulytė, Eglė Ulčickaitė, Agnė Jonkutė and Jonas Gasiūnas. Although the creative style of each artist is different, they are united by a unique interpretation of everyday stories, the observed environment, the human condition (which is especially relevant in these turbulent times), and a unique way of “visual narration”.

Gallery’s booth no: C1
Venue: Kursalon Vienna (Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna, Austria)
Event time: September 8–11, 2022


Artist Aušra Andziulytė (b. 1961) is a representative of an abstract painting. Gallery presenting two of her paintings from the series "Rhapsody of Curonian Spit". The artist’s work is characterized by rich colors, free painting, and motif from nature (sea, mountains, and forests), the space and light are the two most important things for the artist and she always try to convey them in her works. About these works artist says: "Curonian Spit" - enchanting space, it gives me a feeling as if an earth thrust is disappearing and a state of weightlessness, as if swallowing time and allowing a very vivid sense of the divine breath of eternity... It is like a mysterious door that opens a space of joyful peace and fullness, where the observer and the image seem to merge into one, a mere presence. The infinite space that opens up and the distinctive light that lingers embraces and dissolves into itself. The images of this region are so unique in structure, color, rhythm, “sound”, and the squeaks and snorts, as well as in the harmony of the whole, that infinite desire emerges to find a visual expression for them in painting... I can look at those mesmerizing landscapes endlessly, never getting tired of them, no matter what time of year. I am always drawn to return here as much as I am drawn to explore this theme in my paintings.”

Eglė Ulčickaitė (b. 1989) is a young gallery‘s artist, whose works are autobiographical and based on her own experiences, but they also reflect the general mood of the young generation. Born at the time of political shift, they actively look for reference points in their past, even if that past is fragmentary, and its narratives are fictitious and not authentic. About her works Ulčickaitė says: “Basically the main idea behind all of my works is Time. The notion of Time, in my opinion, contains numerous meanings and aspects. What in these conceptions interest me the most, is memory and simulation of memories; forgetting; recollection as an assumption of forgetting (in its positive meaning); the relevance of the past at the present and the feeling of nostalgia behind it all. With collections of my works I reminiscently build the museum of memory".

At viennacontemporary are exhibited a small-scale drawings, watercolors and small format paintings by the artist. Despite the small scale, the subtle, sensual works are a tense introduction to the artist’s inner world.

Artist Agnė Jonkutė (b. 1974) stands out with exceptional artistic thinking, which is reflected with frugal ways of expression. This frugality (for color, quantity etc.) might be perceived as strict and diligent search (or selection) for substance in order to externalize desired feeling, relation, moment of State. At the art fair gallery showing her most recent works – watercolor series “Facing the Fog”, created at the very beginning of 2022, at the start of the war in Ukraine. The uncertainty of tomorrow, the fear for oneself and one's loved ones, the thoughts of people dying, have pushed many people into a stage of stagnation and freeze. These minimalistic watercolors is the artist's conceptual self-therapy – by reflecting on uncertainty and vulnerability, mark the relationship between the “I” and the “other”.

Jonas Gasūnas (b. 1954) is a unique art figure in the national context. Lasting collaboration between the artist and Meno Parkas gallery have brought to a strong connection and understanding. Remembering good decade back, when a field of painting was experiencing a sit back and challenges from other medias, Jonas Gasiūnas did not turn from it, kept on the main track with it and raised it to the next level. While deep expressionism in Lithuania was the mainstream, he found different position and cultivated it. As he says now, the idea to convey concrete things through smoke (i.e. using the drawing with the burning candle technology) obsessed him.

Jonas creation has strong narrative, what is important to him as relation to the past. In the art fair gallery presenting his painting titled „Willow‘s Lake“ (2017). Usually his large scale paintings is an allegory to the human feelings. Drawing on a painted surface made with the smoke from a candle, builds only an illusion of a nature, just like a smoke itself. Artist talks about this piece, where the floating in the air girl above the water and the drones on both of her sides is depicted: “The once experienced reminiscence, even if it is very personal, isn't eternal. It‘s impossible to restore past time, but it is possible to create illusory time of painting. A girl trapped in an illusory time, floating over the lake, is real. It may be testified by the drones who are watching her.”


Gallery's participation at viennacontemporary is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.