VOLTA NY. 2018

Moment versus infinity of a moment - young artist Rosanda Sorakaitė shrills aesthetics of slow life in painting.

Gallery “Meno parkas” presents for VOLTA NY young gallery’s artist – Rosanda Sorakaitė - who trebles aesthetics of slow life - emphasizing quality versus speed, paying attention to detail, feeling, emotion in her precise work. R. Sorakaite’s creation magnifies not special, ordinary, one may say - random – moments and conveys it with immortal subtlety, sensitivity for light, attention for every thin layer of paint. All of mentioned are subjugated to reflect the feeling (or seeing) of the motive, which usually walks with Rosanda and in her minds for a while, till it breaks matured for canvas. Because of incorporation of banal object of the daily life into her art, slowdown of time, creation of Rosanda Sorakaitė may be labelled as aesthetics of boredom. It is the contrast of the exciting emotion of perceiver, that floats in after confrontation with the piece.

Artworks by Rosanda Sorakaitė (b. 1988) received well attention from international audience in September of 2016 in London‘s “Saatchi Gallery” where was held contemporary art fair “Start”, where Rosanda’s creation was presented in curated solo presentations section. The young artist has been noticed in the field of painting at her early years of studying, and has spectacularly got into the ranks of the most appreciated young Lithuanian artists: has held seven personal exhibitions, participated in tens of curated exhibitions and arts fairs, earned various awards, one of them – Young Painter‘s Prize in 2016 (which includes artist from Baltic states). Rosanda manages to create pieces that reflect magic, mystery aura. She takes these fragments of daily environment and puts on canvas with all the subtlety, which has powered the inspiration. For her a process of painting immerses into the time that no longer exists and you are alone, by yourself. The work – as a memory of time, unfamiliar, but perhaps more real than any day that we have seen

Many thin layers in selected paintings for VOLTA NY forms specific fragile appearances of light. Her works are analysing transformations of fireworks what is the symbol of transient festivity and temporary nature.

Gallery's "Meno parkas" Booth No: C8
Even Time: 07-11 03 2018
Venue: VOLTA NY (Pier 90, New York, USA)

Gallery’s “Meno parkas” participation at VOLTA NY is financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.